Keeping alive Nålebinding ancient wool craft burst into a modern thread.🌀🐑🙏

Heritage Crafts Association members who are practicing craftspeople.
Member of HCA ( web link below )
Artist and Dark age re-enactor passionate on ancient sheep breeds and the techniques of Nålebinding. With a single bone needle you can travel back in time to a ancient craft creating warm clothing items with a single bone needle . Alternatively you can create modem fun funky items giving life to creative art with a magical bone needle .. ❤️
A famous piece of nålbinding is the 'Coppergate sock' found during an excavation of the Coppergate area of York. A clear Viking influence in the textiles was found in the finds in this area. This was a wool sock that had been created using a technique never before recorded in England. The sock was slipper-like in style and would have covered the whole foot.
Nålbinding was used in some regions of Northern Europe until the 1950s, when it most likely declined because of the changes in the textile industry and almost disappeared. It later gained renewed interest among many textile historians, archaeologists, craftsmen and reenactors, so that it is today an exciting handicraft born again tradition. ❤️

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