A tiny gallery of a wee bit of the creations from Draicraeft. Updates coming very soon.

This needle case comes supplied with :- * Naldinded shetland, soay & Icelandic wool case, with antler button and blue handmade glass bead button. * 1 x bone hand carved nalbinded needle. * A round disc of oslo stitch shetland wool naldinding to start you off with this craft. * Plus 50g of Shetland wool. * Complementary pamphlet full of lots of links to sites, video links and details to Nalbind Oslo, Mammen & York Stitches and start your Craft of Nalbinding.

Nalbinding Craft STARTER KIT Work Case with Nalbinding Bone needle and 50g of Shetland wool completmentry pamphlet lots of inforamtion

Rune Set & Nalbinded magical bag Icelandic Viking Shaman Seidr, Ásatrú Nalbinded bag made with a bone needle. With beautiful set of Holly marked wood Futhark Rune Jera

Nålebinding kit A gift of all you need to start a beautiful hobby and details on how to star.

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